Are you a busy Retailer and have either a Bricks and Mortar Retail store or an Ecommerce Retail store?

Get ready to say goodbye to stress and overwhelm and hello to clarity and confidence.  
Are you tired of second guessing yourself.
Am I doing this right? Should I be doing this? Am I on the right track? 
Who can I ask to help me with this or check if there is an easier way?
How do I keep my customers engaged? How do I grow my sales?
Stop me if any of these sound familiar?
- You are doing everything in your store and feeling overwhelmed and overworked.
- You spend so much time searching for the best way to do this and best system for that
- You know you need to email your customers but don't know have time in your day.
- You know you need to keep learning the latest updates for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest but don't know where to start!
- You need to outsource some tasks and improve your time management.
- You feel isolated at times and frustrated doing it all on your own.
- You want to chat to other Retailers in the same type of business but not sure where to find that community.
- You work late at night and all day in or on your store and you just do not seem to be getting ahead.
- You love your business but you started it for freedom and not being stuck in the store 24/7
Because doing the same thing over and over again will not get you a different result.
Introducing the 'thelotco collective' a Monthly Membership for Retailers!!!

Do you want to transform from overwhelmed and overworked Retailer or Online business owner to being confident and clear on your direction and knowledge in the independent Retail space.

We will go through what you need to be doing to make sure you are running a profitable, growing and fun Retail business without working harder!!!

Get access to the training, coaching and the exclusive 'thelotco collective' community that will help you understand your business and grow it.

Without the overwhelm!!!

This Membership is all about giving you the tips, tools and advice to help you grow, manage and strengthen your business.

Using the processes I have used with multiple clients in transforming their Retail business. 

Clients who have doubled and tripled their sales in 6 months.

Using proven strategies and know-how you to can get the results you desire.

Imagine having your online orders triple and new customers finding you everyday.

Clients begging you for the latest deliveries and excited to see what you are about to launch.

Clarity in your decision making. 

You can continue slogging away by yourself and chipping away at results or you can get help and be involved in a community where everyone helps each other and saves you time and MONEY.

Time to work ON your business and outsource the things you know waste time.

We will have templates, swipe files and lists of suppliers and shared information.

My name is Melissa Robbins and I am thelotco.

I help Retailers just like you manage, grow and love their business.

Get direct access to me and other industry experts! 

As well as a supportive community of like minded Retailers who get what you are going through!! 

You will be able to grow your business faster when you implement the strategies, tips and tactics we will cover each month.

I have spent over 15 years in my own Retail stores and Brand and grew them to over multiple 6 figures each.  

I have worked with over 100 Retailers and Brands in the past 3 years and know what it takes to be successful in this space.

Learn from someone with industry experience and understanding of the hard work and effort required.  

Access to high-value training
A Monthly Masterclass teaching you skills that will help you work ON your business.

It will be delivered in bite size chunks so you can consume easliy. 

I know I get it, there are not enough hours in the day!! 

This information will be in video, audio or text so you can select what suits you best!!  And you can watch or listen at midnight or 5am.  You do you.

Each month will be a new lesson, a new strategy to help you continually work ON your business and see that growth you are after.

No longer will you have to spend time searching for How to do this or How to do that. 

I will filter and deliver the content and information you need to grow your brand,  retail store or online business!!

Live Q & A sessions.

Each month we conduct a live Q & A session covering the months masterclass.

You can attend and ask questions live. The best part is, if you can't make these calls live, simply submit your questions in advance. Every call is recorded so if you can't make it you'll always have the recordings available.

All the answers to those questions you have pop up but do not know who to ask.

Help & Support from a private community.

Join like minded business owners and help and support each other in the journey.  

Private Facebook Community with Retailers in all stages of their business to connect with, collaborate with, be a silent observer (that can be me in FB groups often!), and share big and small wins with!!

Pick up tips and skills from others.

Get support and network with peers.

Opportunity for laser coaching calls with Melissa.

Melissa will conduct regular laser (15 min) coaching calls with Members. 

Have the chance to ask those lingering questions and get that 1 on 1 advice.  

Who is it for:
Retailers (Bricks & Mortar or Online)
- Retailers who have either a Bricks and Mortar store or an Online store or both!!

-All types of Retailers from homewares, pets accessories, fashion, kidswear, lifetstyle stores, artists, and more

- Those wanting to learn something new and continually implement new strategies to grow their business.

-Those in all stages of business whether you have just opened or have been going 15 years and need some invigoration and freshness in your business.

-Those who want to be a part of a community of like minded business owners.

-Those who want to be inspired and motivated and to keep learning!!

Who is it not for?
-Those who do not want to commit time to work ON their business.

-Those who know it all and are not willing to try new techniques or test out and implement different strategies.

-Those who are not willing to be a part of a community and share wins and celebrate change and growth.

- Those who want a magic pill solution and quick fixes and not willing to make changes.

Commitment required:

1-2 hours each month to work ON your business.

This is not about overwhelming you further but offering something to help you automate and systemise your business.

A willingness to be coachable and learn new skills.
   Now this is not just about Marketing either. 
We will be diving into all aspects of your store. 
From data, pricing, margins, buying, goal setting, audience attraction and budgeting.

This is about Motivation, Momentum and Marketing.
Belinda - Chasing Springtime.
"Mel provided me with direction, clarity, and a sense of calm and excitement all at the same time. Calm, because I knew which steps to take and how and when to take them. Excitement, because I could see the direction I needed to move in and how it would open doors to greater success."
Kim - Honeybee and blossom
"I love how Melissa explains things so clearly and make things that seem complicated feel much more do-able. I feel a lot more confident and able to tackle the socials, branding and online store creation for my business. You are sooooo good at explaining the logic of how successful brands visually structure their online presence to increase sales. Love your work! "
thelotco collective is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions 👇🏼
  • How can I increase my sales?
  • How can I grow my brand/store?
  • How can I stop wasting time searching for solutions?
  • Where can I learn how to grow my online sales?
  • What do I post on social media?
  • Where will I meet and connect with other like minded people.
  • How can someone help me manage all the jobs and tasks?  I am overwhelmed!!
  • What do other Retailers do about  x , y , z....
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling with overwhelm and confusion this online community is for you!
As you will be a Founding Member this price for you will always remain at $39 usd* per month.

Forever!!  The price will be going up each time we launch.  BUT not for you when you get in at this price.  

Prices will go up forever soon and we only have 100 founding member spots available, so don't wait.

Remember though- this is only open for 5 days!!! 

We will not open again until October- this is a special opening for Life Instyle visitors only!!!

Doors close on Friday 7th August at 10pm AEST.  And never again at this low price.

Cancel anytime!! No fixed contract.

I can't wait to see you on the inside and be the first to welcome you!
*Membership charged in USD as Members are worldwide and USD is universally recognised currency (running  expenses are in USD too).
Now this Membership is in BETA.   It is the first launch and it is only starting this month for the very first time.

That is why you are getting in at such a low price.

You will be a Founding Member and can influence the content and everything within it.

But because I believe so fully in this program, I am happy to let you know you can cancel at anytime!!
Gain access to the new Membership when it opens mid July! And take the guesswork out of running your own Retail store.
We limit access to the membership to a limited amount of new members to keep the high quality of coaching  and support. That's why we're closing the community to new members in...
Get access to the content, training, community and laser coaching to help you grow and manage your Retail business.
$39 USD/month
No Long-Term Contracts
Monthly Masterclasses
Access to Private Facebook community
Guest Speakers
VIP access to meet ups and events
$399 USD /annually
No Long-Term Contracts
Monthly Masterclasses
Access to Private Facebook Community
Guest Speakers
VIP access to meet ups and events.
Pay annual and save almost 2 months!!
Membership is month-to-month with no contract.  You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.
Annual membership has 7 days to cancel.
Still not sure?  If there's anything you're not certain about or that is unclear, please email me at [email protected]

Or check out the FAQ's below? 👇🏼👇🏼
1. Why have you started theloto collective?

So many of my 1 on 1 clients wanted something more.  They wanted to keep working together but were not sure how much time they could commit or could  not afford a full time Business Coach. I was also covering the same topics with so many of Retailers that thought I should it with many!!
2. What sort of content will you cover in the Masterclasses?

The Masterclasses will be about Marketing and Content planning (social media, edm's, facebook ads and strategy), Buying (what to buy and when), How to increase sales and traffic for your B& M and Online store, Motivation and Mindset, Time Management, Retail trends, Working with staff and VA's and so much more.
3. I only have an Online store is that ok??

Absolutely.  The Membership is all about Retail and how to manage it, grow it and love it.  You can have a Bricks and Mortar store or a Brand with Ecommerce Retail.
4. I have been in business more than 5 years will it be relevant for me

For sure.  There will be stages and all levels of knowledge and skill sets.  We will be working through lots of essential principles of Retail as well as extending to really push your knowledge and learning latest developments and trends in the industry.
5. Why do you charge in USD even though you are Australian?

I have clients from all over the world and USD is a universally understood (comparative value) currency. As well as the software and tools I use for the  Membership are all charged in USD.
6. What if I want to cancel?

If you pay monthly you will need to give 14 days notice prior to the payment date  to cancel your subscription.

If you wish to rejoin the Membership you will need to wait util the doors reopen and you will start again on the current monthly price (this will be increasing each round).

If you have paid annually you have 7 days from purchase to cancel your subscription.  No requests to cancel after 7 days of purchase will be accepted.

7. I am a bit old school and do not have great tech skills.  Will I be able to keep up?

Each Masterclass will be very practical and have detailed information about implementation.  There will also be the chance in  Q & A to clarify information and ask others in the group.

This is about learning new skills in a practical and easy to implement way without overwhelm.

8. How much time will I need to do this? I am already overwhelmed.

You will need approx 1-2 hours per month to implement tasks.  Sometimes more, sometimes less. The Masterclasses will not be hours long and stress you out.  That is the opposite of what this should be about!
9. What is your experience in this area?

I have had multiple Retail stores and my own brand for over 15 years.  I have been a lecturer in Fashion Business.  I have worked in over 100 different businesses since selling my own Retail store and understand the skills required and the many hats you have to wear as a Retailer. I am also a prolific learner and am constantly updating my skills to be able to share knowledge about current trends and new skills in this industry.
10. At only $39 a month how good can it be?

This is about being able to share the information with so many at once.  By completing the Masterclasses in a group environment it keeps it affordable for everyone.  This is also an initial Founding Member price.  Each new round the price will go up by $10-$20 per month.
Still not sure? If there's anything you're not certain about or that is unclear, please email me at [email protected]

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