Nail your Email Marketing
And stop stressing out about what to send your customers!!
Are you ready to have your Email Marketing bring you in extra sales each and every week and all with under an hour of your time?
 Say goodbye to feeling reactive and hello to becoming a proactive powerhouse, consistently captivating your audience and driving sales like never before.
Can you imagine going from overwhelmed and stressed to breathing a sigh of relief?
🌟 Unleash the Power of Effective Email Marketing 🌟

If you are you tired of trying to figure out what to send customers in your email newsletters? 

Ready to stop playing catch up and reacting last minute to events or sale periods. 

Maybe you are new to Retail and DTC sales and flying by the seat of your pants?

Or you are scared to send an email as you have ghosted your list for so long 😬?
Worried it might be to techie for you? Or even that no-one likes getting emails!!
Then you need to understand this:
Email marketing is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways for your business to make money online! 
Imagine if you knew that your email database was engaged, ready to buy and eagerly opened every email!
The top eCommerce brands generate 30% - 50% of revenue through email marketing.
You can do this too!
$42 x ROI
Email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every dollar spent. 

With the right strategy, email marketing can help you reach large numbers of people with minimal effort. It's important to take advantage of this powerful tool and make sure that you have a well-thought out plan in place to maximize its effectiveness.

How valuable would a highly effective Email marketing strategy be for your businesses?

So how the heck do make a plan? 
How do you come up with the content?
Convert viewers to buyers and convert emails to sales? 
Introducing "Nail Your Email Marketing" – the ultimate program designed exclusively for ecommerce store owners like you.
Nail your Email Marketing is everything you have been missing to help you establish email as one of your strongest sales channels!!
πŸ“ˆ Crush Overwhelm like a Boss: Our program arms you with a crystal-clear understanding of what to send your customers each week, wiping out stress and confusion from your email marketing game. Wave goodbye to last-minute scrambles and embrace an unruffled sense of control as you dominate your strategy.


🎯 Master Campaign Planning like a Pro: Successful email marketing campaigns are the secret sauce for a thriving ecommerce business. With our expert guidance, you'll learn the art of crafting jaw-dropping campaigns that deliver serious results. Bid farewell to half-hearted attempts and unleash your inner strategic genius.

πŸ’‘ Embrace the Why and Rule the Email Game: Email marketing isn't just about sending random messages; it's about building solid relationships, fostering unbreakable loyalty, and stacking that cash. Discover the "why" behind every email you send and witness the epic transformation it unleashes on your business. Master segmentation, personalization, and optimization to watch your conversions skyrocket.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» From Overwhelmed to Empowered, like a Boss: We get it, running a busy ecommerce store can be a rollercoaster ride. That's why our program seamlessly fits into your schedule, dishing out foolproof strategies and badass advice to help you dominate your email marketing game. Reclaim your precious time and energy, and invest them where they truly count.

This no fuss and practical training will have you breathing a sigh of relief knowing you have your email marketing planned for the year and be able to generate the consistent sales for your store that you desperately need.
There are 3 parts to the series that take you through all the steps to ensure you have a planned out Email Marketing strategy for 1 whole year!
These Email Marketing sessions will teach you how to plan ahead, create an email marketing strategy, know what to track in your analytics, develop a high-converting opt-in and send emails and automations that generate ongoing sales.

You'll learn how to optimize your time, boost each campaign fro sales success, and create content that has your customer opening your emails on the regular!!
Start anytime!! And get immediate access! 
Never get to the end of the week and realise you didn't send a newsletter to customers again.
Stop chasing your tail when it comes to events or new range releases.
So what is involved give me the juice...
  • Access to 3 x 60min modules covering all your need to know to Nail your Email Marketing.
  • Access to the 3 step Marketing Content planner so you have an actual strategy and know exactly what to send you customers.
  • Checklist to ensure every email you send meets a certain criteria.
  • Examples of successful email campaigns.
  • 100+ ideas for content.
  • Examples of the best subject lines to boost your open rate.
  • Recording of Replays for ongoing access.
When you sign up for "Nail Your Email Marketing," you're not just gaining knowledge – you're entering an elite circle of kickass entrepreneurs.
Connect, collaborate, and celebrate victories with like-minded bosses as you embark on this life-changing journey.

🎁 Extra Perks for the Bosses 🎁

As a program member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to:

βœ… Ready-to-Use Templates: Kickstart your email marketing efforts with our killer collection of professionally designed templates. Save time and shine like a true boss in every message you send.

βœ… Expert Support: Our dedicated team of email marketing pros has your back, offering personalized guidance and answering all your burning questions. No challenge is too tough for you to conquer.

βœ… Ongoing Updates: The email marketing world never stands still, and neither should you. Stay ahead of the game with regular updates, ensuring your strategies stay cutting-edge and bring in the big bucks.

πŸ”’ Your Success is Our Guarantee, Boss! πŸ”’

If you are you sick of wondering how to generate sales every week or month?

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked when it comes to marketing your Retail store or product based business.

Feel a little too salesy and like that is all you ever do on socials or your EDM's?

Then this could be just what you need...

Here is what you will achieve with this uninterrupted time to focus ON your business.
A full list of email newsletter topics planned for 52 weeks of the year (yes you should send one every week- at least!)
A repeatable process every year that's individualized - rinse and repeat templates for EDM's , blog posts and even ads.
A repurposing plan so you are not reinventing the wheel every time.
A full 12 month plan for what Marketing activities you will run each month in your store.
Knowledge and confidence that you can fill your content plan for facebook and instagram for the whole year!
If you're ready for a practical and easy to implement process to put in place right away - and use every month and year after this one - click to join me.
Here's the secret ...
The reason are not getting consistent sales or your store is not growing is because you are not doing enough to keep customers coming back.
The demand for your customer's attention is high - what can you do to keep them interested (besides sales and a race to the biggest discount (no-one wants that!!)
Instagram reach has plummeted , there are only so many reels you can create and you actually OWN your email list (and remember they are a warm audience!)

I get it you are stressed and there are always other jobs to be done (or 100 jobs!)

You are juggling so many balls that this is just another thing to add to your list.

What you need is a system and plan to give you peace of mind.

This plan helps you see what you should be promoting, sharing and talking about in your marketing every week.

It's a shortcut that once you have done once you can repeat every year!!!

When your Marketing is planned out and you know exactly what is happening ahead of time you can relax a little and enjoy the process a bit more. Get excited for what is coming up and get ready to surprise and delight your customers each and every month!

The best way to get consistent sales and scale your product based business or Retail store is to have a plan.

As the saying goes..

No Sales Without Marketing, No Marketing Without Sales.
Full Inclusions:
  • 3 x 60 min training sessions. $2997
  • A wonder spreadsheet with all the instructions on mapping out your marketing activities and content $197
  • Master checklist for successful email newsletters (EDM's) $47
  • 60+ Email templates of product based businesses $47
  • Swipe file of subject lines for your email newsletters. $27
  • Bonus 100+ content ideas for your retail store or DTC ecommerce business (product based business) $97
  • Bonus 50 promotional ideas to be inspired by $47.
  • Downloadable workbooks $47
  • A social media content planner repurposing guide $37
Total Value $3537!! 
The Investment
6 x weekly instalments
$57 USD
One time investment
$297 USD 
Take the guesswork out of your Email Marketing your bricks n mortar or online eCommerce store.
Think of the ROI of this investment!  One email can bring you back your full investment and after 12 months we are talking at least a 20-30 ROI bare minimum!!
Stop delaying and start doing.
I'm Mel! The girl who fell in love with business.
I've built two multi-million dollar product businesses that I've since sold, I've owned a retail store, I've been a buyer for big brands, I've been a seller, I've exhibited at over 50 trade shows, I've worked with 100's of brands to help them grow to over a million in sales, and I've taken all of my knowledge and distilled it into easy-to-follow systems that are practical and realistic to manage as a busy Retailer. Systems that will help you confidently take the next steps in your business to grow your business with consistent sales and beyond.
"You can definitely tell she's had a lot of experience in the retail industry and provides you with real-life advice from someone who's actually been there and done that".

Melissa is an absolute gem and full of so much info! She's a straight talker and really knows her stuff. My kind of gal! She's incredibly supportive and super nice too. If you're a small biz owner and looking to grow your brand definitely have a chat to Mel.

Janet Pogorelc- Fox and Fallow.
Melissa has helped me in all areas of my small business from retail and wholesale sales strategies to product pricing, tips on reaching a wider audience and also has helped me with advertising/marketing content and planning.

She has helped me set achievable goals and has also fine-tuned parts of my business that I had previously worked on to make sales more streamlined. She is also just a genuinely lovely person. I can't recommend Thelotco highly enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Karina Jambrak -Karina Jambrak Art.
Retailers (Bricks & Mortar or Online)
- Retailers who have either a Bricks and Mortar store or an Online store or both!!


- Brands who want to grow their DTC retail side of the business.

-All types of Retailers from homewares, pets accessories, fashion, kidswear, lifetstyle stores, artists, and more

- Those wanting to learn something new and continually implement new strategies to grow their business.

-Those in all stages of business whether you have just opened or have been going 15 years and need some invigoration and freshness in your business.

-Those who want to be inspired and motivated and to keep learning!!

-Those who do not want to commit time to work ON their business.

-Those who know it all and are not willing to try new techniques or test out and implement different strategie

- Those who want a magic pill solution and quick fixes and not willing to make changes.

-Those who give up easily and look for the short term solutions.


1-2 hours each week to work ON your business.

This is not about overwhelming you further but offering something to help you automate and systemise your business.

A willingness to be coachable and learn new skills.
 This is about Mindset, Momentum and Marketing.
1. How much time will I need to invest?

Each session is approximately an hour in length. 

The course will take a 1 - 3 hours a week to complete, including homework. 

You can go at your own pace! You'll get immediate access to all modules.

2. What level is everyone at? What if I have been going for 5 years or only just starting?

This suits every level of eCommerce entrepreneurship, this course is designed to shower you with value and help you conquer the email marketing game like a boss!

We dive deep into the fundamentals of email marketing (yes, even successful stores tend to overlook these gems!) and then take you on a wild ride through the realm of advanced techniques. Get ready to level up your email marketing prowess like never before!

If your revenue is under $40k a month and you've got an email list, trust me when I say this course is a goldmine of massive value waiting to be unearthed. Prepare to have your mind blown and your business catapulted to new heights!

3. I only have an Online ecommerce store is that ok??

Absolutely.  The program is all about email marketing and how to nail your campaigns, remove stress and overwhelm and bring in extra income and sales from your emails.
You can have a Bricks and Mortar store or a Brand with Ecommerce Retail.
4. Why do you charge in USD even though you are Australian?

I have clients from all over the world and USD is a universally understood (comparative value) currency. As well as the software and tools I use are all charged in USD.
5. I am a bit old school and do not have great tech skills.  Will I be able to keep up?

Each session will be very practical and have detailed information about implementation.  

This is about learning new skills in a practical and easy to implement way without overwhelm.

6 What is your experience in this area?

I have had multiple Retail stores and my own brand for over 15 years.  I have been a lecturer in Fashion Business.  I have worked in over 100 different businesses since selling my own Retail store and understand the skills required and the many hats you have to wear as a Retailer. I am also a prolific learner and am constantly updating my skills to be able to share knowledge about current trends and new skills in this industry. I have been using and adapting to different email marketing trends fo over 15 yeasr!
7. Will you cover off all the tech and set ups portion of email marketing?

We will touch on the areas relevant for getting set up and what automations and elements are required. Because every EMS provider is different we wont dive into each one. 

Now, I know you're no rookie entrepreneur. You've conquered challenges left and right, relying on your smarts and resourcefulness. But hey, we all get stuck sometimes, even the savviest of us. So, when those pesky tech issues arise, here's my playbook: Go straight to the software providerβ€”they've got the inside scoop. When that doesn't cut it, Google is your trusty sidekick, always there to save the day. And if all else fails, the Facebook groups are a treasure trove of wisdom from fellow warriors in the email marketing trenches.


8. Do you guarantee I will get sales after taking this program?

No, we cannot guarantee sales. However, we have seen so many of our customers experience a marked improvement in their sales numbers after completing the specifics in here.
We are confident that you will find the strategies and tactics taught to be invaluable tools for growing your business.  
Email Marketing should be one element of your overall Marketing plan and Strategies. 



Still not sure? If there's anything you're not certain about or that is unclear, please email me at [email protected]

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